Buying Crypto Names

If you are interested in buying a Crypto Name on this Crypto Names Market, you will pay the seller directly via their PayPal.

After you select the buy button, you will enter your active digital name and buy the name.

You can either search for a digital name that you are interested in the search bar, or go into the various catagories and search that way. After you select the buy button, you will enter your active digital name and click the paypal button.

Your current digital name will be used to identify your account.

The seller will receive an email after your purchase is complete and then transfer the digital name identified by one your current digital names.

Please allow 48-72 hrs for the seller to complete the transfer. If you have not received the digital name within that time frame, please contact the seller directly.

Crypto Names does not charge a fee for or have any involvement with payment or transfer.

The Crypto Name Marketplace as it appears on a phone.

Selling Crypto Names

If you would like to sell a Crypto Name, you will need to login to the Client Area of the TNS / Digital Names website.

Once you Login to the Client Area Control Panel, click the green button to access the digital names control panel.

There, you will see all your digital names. Click on the Digital Name you would like to sell. Click the button to Sell Digital Name, then enter your selling price, PayPal email account, and category you want to list your name for sale.

Once submitted, your listing will be instantly listed for sale.

If a buyer is interested in buying your digital name, you will then receive an email stating that the buyer has purchased your digital name.

A buyer has the option to send an offer for a smaller amount. You would then receive an email stating that the buyer has offered you a different price. You have the right to accept or delcine the offer.

You may cancel the listing at any time before it is purchased from a buyer.

You, as the seller, are completely responsible for transfering the digital name to the buyer.

Woman selling a Crypto Name on her laptop.

How To Make An Offer On A Crypto Name

If you are interested in a purchasing a digital name that is listed for sale, but you do not want to pay the listed price, you have an option to offer a different amount.

When you click on the buy button of the interested digital name, you will enter one of your active digital names, list the price you are interested in purchasing it for, enter your paypal email address, and submit your offer.

The seller will receive the offer and either accept or decline the offer.

If the seller accepts the offer, you will receive an email that your offer has been accepted. If the offer was declined, the name will be back up for sale.

The seller is responsible for transfering the digital name once the purchase is complete.

Happy guy celebrating over the Crypto Names he bought.